Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs! Let me share a bit of my story.

My husband and I grew up in a small farm town in Virginia. There was one stop light, you gave direction by livestock (“after the highland cows, you turn left”), and all of the families in town knew each other.

After high school, the world took us in different directions. I went to college, he joined the Marine Corps and we lost touch. He got married, I got married and then, 12 short years after high school, we both found ourselves struggling through a pair of rough divorces.

Eternal best friends, we supported, coached, and helped each other through the hard times.

That’s where our homesteading journey started. After our divorces we were penniless, and wanting to return to our roots.

We saved up, learned how to garden, how to can and preserve food, how to live a simple lifestyle, and are in the middle of buying our farm – our future homestead.

Please join us on our journey, as we love, learn and grow and share your own experiences with us!

Curious about what we’ve done and learned along the way? Start here:


Going Green



Homesteading Lifestyle

Here’s a sneak peek into our life on the homestead:

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  1. I will pre-order it now! lol I lived outside Richmond in Chesterfield county when I was around 12 & loved it. Would love to get some seeds of the wild plants around you, stuff like milkweed, poke….I recently moved back to the Ca desert town of 29 Palms {a Marine town!} and am starting my life over…I am 65 so it’s kinda late to start over but I almost died from the mold in Oregon & had to leave. Anyway, buying a house with a sterile yard & hoping I can get enough compost made to start a garden this spring…we do not have dirt here or anything you can call soil! Enjoy reading your story. Thinking maybe I can form a seed swap club on FB to replenish my supply.

    • Lauren Dibble

      If you do start a seed swap, but sure to invite me! I’m saving milkweed and wild cherry seeds this Fall. But we’ve got goldenrod, wild raspberries, red buds, all sorts of stuff to harvest!

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