January 27, 2017 Lauren Dibble

Throughout the Winter, and into the Spring, if you have a wood burning fireplace, you have to clear out the ash to make room for new wood. If you’re anything like me, however, you know things on the Homestead often have multiple purposes. What’s the old saying? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? Finding a second life for your wood ash covers all three ‘R’s. (more…)

January 13, 2017 Lauren Dibble

top 12 heritage chicken breeds What is a Heritage Chicken? A heritage chicken is one that is bred from a line that existed prior to the mid-20th century. The American Poultry Association keeps a close eye on breeding. According to the APA, a heritage chicken is only one that is hatched from a heritage chicken that is sired by an APA standard-bred Chicken. The APA began cataloging different breeds in 1873 in their Standard of Perfection. (more…)