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how to make butter at home

Over the weekend the Mr and I ran out of butter. Since I’ve been on this green/organic/homemade kick I decided I would make my own instead of buying from the store! According to Bon Appetit it may be a waste of time, but I wanted to be able to call it my own.

I love the idea of making butter! You put one ingredient in and get two ingredients out!

Making homemade butter couldn’t be more simple!



  1. Throw the heavy whipping cream in your standing mixer and let it go with the whisk attachment on medium speed. (This may take awhile! Have patience!)
  2. Once the cream gets chunky and takes on a yellow tint, scoop out the curds with your (clean!) hands and squish them together to form a ball.
  3. Now you have butter AND buttermilk.

Enjoy your fresh butter over some homemade bread and save the buttermilk to bake some banana nut bread later!

Bon Appetit says you can do this in a bowl of very cold water, to help remove all of the liquid but I didn’t and it came out fine. They also say homemade butter will go rancid in a week. Mine didn’t last that long 😉

Next batch I’m going to do will have fresh herbs mixed in…or maybe garlic…or maybe honey…oh the possibilities!


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