September 8, 2015 Lauren Dibble 2Comment

Herbs have always been a weakness of mine. They either grow too tall, too fast, bolt immediately, or wither and die in days. However, in my new hydroponics system I’ve just planted cilantro seeds, so I’m hopeful my days of killing herbs are over! This guide, however, should help even the most novice herb-grower succeed. Or at least give you a fighting chance! (more…)

September 8, 2015 Lauren Dibble 1Comment

Venison Roast Regardless of where you live, you’re bound to know someone who hunts – or maybe a friend of a friend. Most hunters are very generous with their venison – whether they process it themselves or pay someone, they’ll most likely sell it to you for the price of the processing, or will barter for something you have. A work-friend’s husband takes a three day weekend, every week of hunting season and stays in a cabin in the woods doing nothing but hunting. Needless to say, he has more venison than he knows…

September 6, 2015 Lauren Dibble

Over the weekend the Mr and I ran out of butter. Since I’ve been on this green/organic/homemade kick I decided I would make my own instead of buying from the store! According to Bon Appetit it may be a waste of time, but I wanted to be able to call it my own. I love the idea of making butter! You put one ingredient in and get two ingredients out! Making homemade butter couldn’t be more simple! (more…)

September 6, 2015 Lauren Dibble

I originally found how to make orange essential oil from a beautiful Australian blog called Blah Blah Magazine. It was painfully simple and the first batch I tried came out better than expected. I’ll usually eat an orange or two a day. While I’m eating them, I’ll put the peels aside on my window sill to dry. When I’ve accumulated a large batch, I’ll process them all and make more essential oil. I store what I’ve made in a mason jar and add it to my homemade cleaning supplies to give them a natural, beautiful, clean smell. (more…)

September 6, 2015 Lauren Dibble

Today, the majority of people have fireplaces in their homes as aesthetic features that maybe produces a little heat. More likely than not it even sucks heat from the room! Not too long ago, however, it was the only source of heat or method of cooking anyone had. Whether you find yourself camping, without power, or simply want to experience how your ancestors did it, here are some pointers for cooking over a fire: (more…)

September 5, 2015 Lauren Dibble

I had been wanting to try this recipe for awhile. Fall is heading our way, french 0nion soup is an absolute favorite of mine, and the hubby likes to buy canned soups to take to work. I hate how much sodium and other random crap they have in them. Last time I tried to eat canned soup (the brand will remain unnamed) I got an instant migraine! Now what is in a can of soup that is so nasty my brain decided to riot?! (more…)

September 5, 2015 Lauren Dibble 1Comment

I have a weakness for historic cookbooks. There’s something nostalgic about cooking the same recipe, the same meal that women cooked a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago. The first book that got me hooked on historic cooking was The Virginia Housewife by Mary Randolph. Growing up in a 300 year old farm house in Virginia, I felt a kinship to Ms Randolph, and I could easily imagine her in my family home, cooking snapping turtle soup, or going to the root cellar for a knuckle of beef.  (more…)

September 5, 2015 Lauren Dibble

Hummus Cucumber Sandwiches New and Improved Cucumber Sandwiches My stepdad made these for me the other day and absolutely blew my mind! So simple, so decadent, so vegetarian, SO GOOD! (more…)

September 5, 2015 Lauren Dibble

Curing meat, especially bacon, is the process of preserving foods by the addition of salt, nitrates, nitrites or sugar. In the olden times, only salt and sugar was used. Today, more often than not, store-bought bacon is processed in an industrial factory-setting ad pumped with a curing solution that contains sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite is known to cause migraines in large quantities and when exposed to high heat and protein, produces nitrosamines. (more…)

January 24, 2015 Lauren Dibble 3Comment

New Years Day New Years Day is traditionally the day for First Day Hikes. Even in the cold, I love the chance to takes the dogs out to a new hike and go exploring. This year I took the dogs hiking at a local historical site. It was quiet, cold, sunny, and extremely peaceful. It was my first time taking the new camera lens the Mr. gave me for Christmas and I spent hours taking it for a spin. Below I’ve shared some of my favorite shots from that day. Winter is usually a time of cold, rest, sleep, browns, whites, hibernation, looking inward and…