October 7, 2015 Lauren Dibble

If you’re gardening, you should also be composting. Composting is a simple, easy and free way to add quality nutrients to your soil, and better soil means happier plants! But the thing I love most about composting, is that is takes what would normally be scraps that would end up in the trashcan and re-purposes them. It gives them a second life. That banana that you ate will go to fuel you, and the peel will go to fuel your garden! It’s a perfect cycle and nothing gets wasted. (more…)

October 5, 2015 Lauren Dibble

Last year the Mr. and I were snowed in, in a late winter snow storm. While we were deciding what to have for lunch, we noticed we had one pizza crust left, a little bit of mozzarella, a little bit of cheddar and some pepperonis. Almost everything for a pizza EXCEPT the sauce! The Mr. challenged me to make pizza sauce from scratch — something I had never tried before! I jumped at the challenge and was AMAZED at the results. I found this recipe at Cook Like Your Grandmother and I’m absolutely hooked on this adorable, home-cookin’, down-to-earth food blog. (more…)

September 28, 2015 Lauren Dibble

Oftentimes we get caught up in the rush and hustle-bustle of our worlds and our lives. Keeping up with the Jones’s, fear of missing out, goals, dreams, to-do lists, schedules, climbing the corporate ladder. It can be exhausting! Over my years of repeat stress-induced burn outs, I’ve come up with a list of fun things to do to add quality of life that won’t cost you a penny! Because let’s face it, there are dozens of things to do that cost money, but at the end of the day financial worries just add one more layer of guilt. (more…)

September 21, 2015 Lauren Dibble 2Comment

  Have you ever had an idea, lurking in the back of your mind, that all of a sudden becomes something completely unavoidable? Then over a series of days, you keep finding input from different places about this very same idea? I came across an interesting article from Organic Authority the other day that backed up an opinion I already had about laundry detergent. My ex-husband had very sensitive skin. We tried detergent after detergent, even the ones designed for sensitive skin. No matter what, he would break out across his chest and back in a painful and annoying rash. (more…)

September 18, 2015 Lauren Dibble

A couple times a month I’ll pre-make a bunch of food for freezing for days when I simply don’t have the time or inspiration to create something great from scratch. I always have these handy. Pull them out when you get home from work, or a little before dinner, so they thaw before cooking. (more…)

September 17, 2015 Lauren Dibble

Identification  One of the most beautiful and easily-recognizable mushrooms that are just starting to appear in the woods nearby are Coral Mushrooms. Aptly named, coral mushrooms resemble common corals you would see off the coast. It is characterized by it’s soft tan pr white color, crown-like tips, and the many, thin, branches, bunched together, between two and five inches high. The tips of each branch will be topped with a small crown. (more…)

September 12, 2015 Lauren Dibble 1Comment

victory garden

  Victory Gardens (War Gardens) were created and encouraged during WWI and WWII to reduce the demand on food supplies. Civilians were encouraged to plants their own vegetable gardens, in what little land they had, so that produce and rations could be sent to the troops overseas. Across the United States and Europe, young men who had been farming before the wars were recruited into battle and left commercial farms struggling to keep up with demand. (more…)

September 11, 2015 Lauren Dibble

Homesteader’s Meatballs [Recipe]

  I love all good, old, classic, down-home food and spaghetti and meatballs is about as classic as you can get! This recipe is simple, wholesome, made with real ingredients, the way Gramma made them. (more…)

September 9, 2015 Lauren Dibble 1Comment

A good friend of mine recently posted this article on FB: “Is Civilization Headed For An Irreversible Collapse?” and I couldn’t help but read it. Have you ever read a book, or seen a lecture, or heard someone very educated explain something you’ve always known by instinct, but never had the science to back it up? This was one of those moments for me. (more…)

September 9, 2015 Lauren Dibble 1Comment

This recipe I pulled from allrecipes.com when the hubby and I were searching for a new way to do boneless, skinless chicken breasts. One bite and it became my new favorite chicken dish. It’s simple and chances are you already have all the ingredients in your pantry! I’m also assuming you can cut the breasts into smaller strips and make them like chicken fingers. (more…)