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Everything you need to know about growing the top 25 vegetables for your homestead.

It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn.— B.C. Forbes


Every Spring I would break out my seed catalogs, the seed packets from last year, and pen and paper. I had a limited amount of room in my raised garden beds, and knew I had to plan my gardens carefully. I needed to know when to start the seeds, what I could direct sow, how far apart I could space the plants, and when the Early Spring plants would be harvested, so I could plant Mid-Summer or Late-Summer plants in their place.

I would always find myself scribbling notes on my paper, next to the diagram of my gardens. Spacing, pH, amount of water, hours of sunlight, etc.

Before long, it would be a confusing, jumbled mess and I’d re-read the back of the same seed packets 100 times.

And then, of course, there were questions I had that I couldn’t find on the back of the seed packets. So I’d have to break out the laptop and call up Captain Google. And scribble more notes.

Finally, I’d had it.

I compiled my own list of facts and created a cheat sheet for each vegetable I plant. No frills, no fuss, just the facts.

I divided the book up, devoting one page to each vegetable. For each, I gathered:

  • the recommended soil pH
  • hours of sunlight it needed
  • amount of water it needed
  • when to start the seeds or direct sow
  • companion plants
  • competitive plants to avoid
  • spacing between plants and rows
  • maintenance required, or known issues
  • average time until harvest

Since I have been frustrated with the process, I figured others might have been too. I compiled all of my cheat sheets into one beautiful ebook. And I want to give it away to you for free!

“I often have questions about specific veggies, like when to plant, good garden companions, and which plants are in the same family so I don’t deplete the soil. This has all of that in a quick, beautiful format. A great resource to have on hand!” Kelly, Simple Life Mom 

I just wanted to let you know, I really enjoyed it.  The formatting is easy to read, and get all the information quickly, and it will come in really handy to have it on my phone when I’m making decisions about what to plant. – Kathryn, Farming My Backyard

Enjoy this 29-paged ebook, packed full of the essentials for vegetable garden success on the house!

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