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10 Ways To Create The Garden Of Your Dreams


Creating the perfect garden can bring so much to our lives. It’s a new living space to enjoy outdoors, and a therapeutic hobby to help us unwind.

If you’re looking to create the garden of your dreams you might be glad of a little guidance.

Here you’ll find plenty of tools and tips that can help you. 

To get started, there are several apps which can support you to improve your garden.

Whether it’s general advice or designing your vegetable garden, these have plenty of features.

1 . Moon and Garden

Moon & Garden is an application that encourages a lunar approach to planting your herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

The app uses a biodynamic technique, using phases of the moon to help you take care of your garden.

It’s based on the concept that successful harvesting and sowing is based on lunar cycles.

From this app, you’ll gain info about the weather, the moon phase, and zodiac signs.

Other features of Moon & Garden include:

  • Take pictures and share them with other app users.
  • Create a schedule of your gardening tasks.
  • Tips on creating an organic garden.

2. My Garden Organizer 

Want to create a beautiful vegetable garden? Then you need the My Garden Organizer app.

Using this application you can keep track of the cultivars that you’ve planted, to create the best garden possible.

First, you can make a list of your vegetable beds, simply ‘add bed’, and then input the right dimensions.

You’ll be prompted to input the planting date and the cultivar so that you can monitor your progress.

Take advantage of cool features such as:

  • Find your plants on virtual beds.
  • Manage your whole garden from your iPhone.
  • No more plastic markers, it’s easy to track your cultivars.

3. Smart Plant

Using the Smart Plant app you can enhance your gardening skills in no time.

With the help of this tool, you can banish garden pests, learn about plant care, and identify new plants.

One of the best things about the app is the chat feature.

With the help of this feature, you can talk to plant experts and get the answers to all your plant-based questions.

The app includes a plant library and lots of info about different types of plants.

If you need the inspiration to beautify your garden, you’ll certainly find it here.

4. Gardening Companion

The Gardening Companion app offers thousands of gardening-based articles.

Here you’ll find plenty of knowledge to help you get started on your gardening adventure.

You can use the app as a journal, you can share pictures, and get involved with a gardening community.

Using the skills you’ll learn, you can improve your garden, and discover plenty of fun facts about plants.

5. iNaturalist

Using the iNaturalist social network you can share biodiversity info, and learn more about nature.

There are plenty of great features including:

  • Identify Plants: Use photos to identify plants and learn about the species in your garden.
  • Plant community: Get feedback from the community, chat to plant lovers, and learn new things.
  • Conservation & Science: observations from the app are shared with the science community. By using this app you can be a part of advancing your knowledge about biodiversity.

6. Keep on top of your maintenance chores

To keep your garden looking beautiful, it’s important to keep on top of your maintenance chores.

Simple things make all the difference, whether it’s painting your fences, or keeping the lawn fresh.

Replace old paving stones, or use a power washing to clean your decking.

If you don’t want to paint your fence, consider using a stain instead.

A fence stain is helpful to protect the wood, especially in adverse weather conditions.

If you have a pool, you’ll need a swimming pool service, to help you maintain it.

Whether it’s a few weeds growing through your stones or a dirty garage door, our gardens start to look unkempt pretty quickly.

The easiest way to keep your garden looking lovely is to pay attention to the small details.

7. Healthy compost

If you’re growing your vegetables and plants, you’ll need healthy soil.

The best way to keep your soil healthy it’s to create your own compost pile.

To make a perfect compost pile, pay attention to these pointers:

Nitrogen & Carbon: To keep your compost pile healthy you need to balance out the level of carbon-rich materials and nitrogen-rich materials.

Nitrogen materials might include vegetable waste or grass clippings.

Carbon materials might include wood chips or dead leaves.

Turn Your Compost: It’s important to turn your compost pile, to ensure that it gets the right amount of oxygen.

The compost needs bacteria to support decomposition, yet the bacteria will die without enough air.

Try using a compost tumbler, or a garden shovel.

8. Beautiful garden furniture

To make the most of your garden you’ll want to create a cozy space where you can relax in the sun, entertain guests, and have BBQs.

Each year there are new garden furniture trends, to stay on style this year, consider these options:

  • Indoor style: This year, the trendiest outdoor furniture closely resembles indoor furniture. Think oversized corner sofas in bright colors.
  • Hanging chairs: Hanging chairs are all the rage this season, these are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your garden.
  • Sunloungers: Craving some beach vibes? Why not get yourself a sun lounger or two to liven up your garden space?

Bright and bold colours are the best way to make a statement in your garden.

In 2021 try shades of citrus, aqua blue, or sunflower yellow.

9. All the flowers

Plenty of flowers is the best way to brighten up your garden! For the best flowers to plant in the summer, check out these options:

  • Foxgloves: To add a splash of color to your garden, foxgloves are the perfect flower. These can grow up to six feet, and you’ll find that they bloom early in the season.
  • Carnations: These are the perfect flower to add a touch of elegance to your summer garden. When you are planting these, remember to add a bit of mulch, to create the right moisture levels.
  • Rudbeckia: These are the perfect low-maintenance flowers to spice up your garden. Rudbeckia needs well-draining soil and plenty of sunlight.
  • Spider Flowers: For a beautiful flower that’s easy to grow, Spider flowers are the perfect option.

When you are choosing flowers for your garden you might want to keep a color scheme in mind.

Remember to leave enough distance between your flowers so that they have enough space to grow.

With the help of these flowers, you’ll get your garden summer ready.

10. Shape your lawn

Want to take your garden design to the next level?

Consider shaping your lawn.

You can cut your lawn into a square, an oblong, diamond, or a circle.

First, you can mark the shape with a string, and then cut off the excess grass using a garden space.

Decorate the edges with stones and flowers.

If you’re not confident to shape the lawn yourself you can always use a landscape gardener to help you.

Shaping your lawn can help you to create a modern-looking and elegant looking garden.

A slightly smaller lawn is also easier to look after.

Before you start making changes to your garden it can be helpful to create a plan.

Sketch up an idea of the layout you’re looking for, and make a list of the flowers, furniture, and color schemes.

It’s also helpful to create a budget, including gardener fees, accessories, and maintenance.