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11 Ways to Make Extra Money from Your Land

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A lot of homesteaders are always on the lookout for more ways to make a little extra cash, and if you’re one of them, you may be interested in the following ways you can make money from those parcels of land that are currently sitting doing nothing.

1. Rent plots to the community

A lot of people don’t have the time, money, or resources to be homesteaders, but many of them would love to get involved in typical homesteading activities like keeping chickens or growing their own food. So, one way you could make a lot of money with your land is by renting out plots to local people or groups who would love to get busy. As well as making a little extra money, you’ll make new friends, and you’ll have a few extra people around working the pieces of land that you’ve maybe neglected, so there are literally no downsides to this.

2. Start a blog or vlog

Okay, so this may not sound like a way of making extra money from your land at first glance, but it could be if you start working that land and documenting your progress online. If you stick with it and you make your content as engaging as possible, you could get enough readers/viewers to start attracting advertisers and you could potentially make a nice little side income from your exploits. It’s probably not one for the shy homesteader, but if you’re happy putting yourself out there online, it could be a great new venture.

3. Make honey

Why not put some of that unused land to use by setting up a few beehives? Once they’re established, you can start harvesting the honey your bees produce and selling it at farmers’ markets. Local honey is in high demand because it’s thought to help people with hay fever, so you could make a decent amount of money if you get it right.

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4. Grow and sell flowers

Bees not your thing? Why not dedicate a patch of your land to growing flowers instead. Flowers are always in demand, and not only can they be pretty easy to grow depending the species, but they will look fabulous on your property too. Once they’re ready, you can harvest them and sell them at markets too.

5. Office space

If you have a decent amount of land sitting there doing nothing, why not invest in one or more of the metal buildings you can find at Safety Steel Solutions. Why? Because once they’re in place, you can potentially hire them out to individuals looking for their own office space, workshop, or whatever. More people than ever are working from home and many of them are finding it tough to work around family life. They’re sure to snap up a reasonable lease on a metal building in a quiet field, aren’t they?

6. Take care of pets

If you have a lot of land for them to run around on, many pet owners would be delighted to have you take care of their animals while they’re busy at work or away on vacation. You’ll need to build some decent kennel space and ensure you meet all of the required regulations, but if you’re willing to do the work, it could be a great way to make money from your land, help your community out, and spend lots of time with cute animals. There’s no way to lose.

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7. Raise chickens

Raising chickens can be very rewarding. They’re a lot more funny and affectionate than you might think, so if you have the land for them, they could make great pets. Collect their eggs and sell them to your neighbors or at local markets. Depending on how many chickens you have, you may not earn much, but you could make enough for a few extra treats throughout the year at the very least.

8. Can produce

Put any land your not using to use by planting fruit trees, vegetables, or anything else you know your community loves to eat. You can then either sell the produce fresh or can it to increase its shelf-life and sell it at a later date. Pickles are particularly popular, but if you’re going to do it, you may as quell enjoy it, so do whatever you most prefer with your produce.

9. Rent storage

Another use for metal buildings, shed and the like, if you are able to put them up on your land, could be storage. There are so many people who have so much more stuff than they can comfortably keep at home, that you could make a surprising amount of money by letting them store their goods on your land. It may not be as exciting as Storage Wars, but it’s an easy way to make an extra buck when you have the land to spare.

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10. Run yoga retreats

Okay, so unless you’re a qualified yoga instructor, you probably shouldn’t be running your own yoga retreats, but you could offer up your land to yoga teachers and other holistic practitioners so they can hold their outdoor events there. Yoga retreats can be surprisingly lucrative, so if you have some scenic space dosing nothing, definitely look into it.

11. Hold a festival

Festivals like Glastonbury have long been held in fields, and even if you only have a fraction of the space they use, you could still put it to good use by holding a small local festival. It will take does organizing, but once you add up your share of the entry, the vendor rentals costs, and accommodation (if you’re in a position to offer it) you could do very well, and what’s more you’ll be right at the heart of the fun.

As you can see, there are so many ways to make extra money from your land that you’d be foolish not to give it a go.

Have you found an interesting way to make extra money from your land? Let us know what you did so we can take inspiration from your ingenuity,