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5 Fruits & Veggies You Can Grow in Containers

If you haven’t got much space, or don’t want to dig a patch, growing your own fruit and veg in containers is a simpler solution.

You’d be surprised how much you can successfully grow in a pot on your balcony.

Growing your own fruit and vegetable supply is also incredibly satisfying, and easier than you might think.

With the right amount of sunlight, water, and care, you can have fresh produce throughout most of the year.

You’ll get to enjoy cooking with results when they’re ready, and will save money at the supermarket.

Here are five examples of fruits and vegetables you can grow in containers. 


Strawberries are ideal because they’re decorative as well as delicious.

You can plant strawberry plants in a hanging basket or small pot, and they’ll thrive through spring and summer.

The best times to plant them are early spring or autumn, but as long as you avoid the cold winter weather, they’ll grow easily.

Check out these adorable strawberry pots and planters, for example.

They’ll make a lovely addition to your outside space, and you can enjoy eating your homegrown strawberries when they’re ripe.


Tomatoes are a versatile option seen as there are different varieties and you can choose according to the amount of space you’ve got.

Larger tomatoes will require larger containers, as opposed to cherry tomatoes, for instance.

Tomatoes also need staking or a tomato cage for support, but they’ll grow throughout most of the year.

Try making this delicious tomato soup when they’re ripe.


Potatoes are another popular choice because the difference in taste is incredible.

Homegrown potatoes are earthier in flavor and you can taste the freshness.

They need a lot of soil and water so deeper pots are more suitable.

When it is best to plant them depends on the climate where you live.

Most gardeners opt for March, April, or May, but you can also plant them in the fall if you have mild winters.

Here’s a guide on how to grow potatoes at home

Chilli peppers

Hot or sweet chilli peppers will add an array of colors to your garden.

You can also get them in different sizes. Pepper plants can also be moved inside in stormy weather as they’re pretty small.

They will need constant watering, but they don’t like overly wet soil.

Here is a complete guide to growing chilli peppers.

You can then experiment with some spicy new recipes when they’re ready. 


Cucumbers are ideal if you’re looking for a fast growing option.

They love water so use a plastic or ceramic pot that will keep the soil from drying out.

They also thrive in heat, and this is why large containers in lots of sun are good.

Here is some more advice about growing cucumbers in a pot.

Whichever fruits or vegetables you choose to grow, you’ll certainly have a lot of fun doing so.

They make a lovely feature in any outside space and you can eat the results.