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5 Herbs That Are Safe for Use in Kids

Before you go to the doctor, try these 5 herbs that are safe for use in kids.

Perhaps one of the scariest moments of motherhood is seeing your children get sick and suffering from pain and body discomforts.

Studies show that there is now an increasing number of mothers who just simply rely on natural remedies to treat their children’s upsets and ailments.

herbs safe for use in kids

Over the years, natural remedies have been used by people all around the world because of its proven efficacy and safety.

And there are herbs safe for kids too, but the question is where can we find them?

If you think it’s time to switch from pharmaceutical alternatives to natural remedies, which are mild and gentler, then you’re in for a treat!

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I am going to share with you some common, easy-to-use herbs safe for kids that I know of and of which I regularly use for my kids.

Herbs That Are Safe for Use in Kids

elderberry for use for kids

1. Elderberry Syrup

Whenever my children get colds and flu, they benefit a lot from elderberry syrup.

And the results are tremendous!

One of the things we’ve noticed is they are not as sickly as before. It’s when we’ve found that elderly syrup can boost their immune system, thereby decreasing their risk for illnesses.

Medical experts found the efficacy and safety of elderberry syrup through a research conducted in 2004.

A lot of patients diagnosed with Influenza that time recovered faster than those who did not take the herb or only relied on placebo.

This is because, as one of the herbs safe for kids, it’s been found to contain antimicrobial properties that fight against bacteria, particularly streptococci bacteria.

Not only that, these antimicrobial properties can inhibit their growth & production inside the body, decreasing their number and potency.

herbs safe for use in children

Elderberry syrup can also improve and strengthen their immune system, so this gives parents ease knowing kids are always outside and exposed to microbes.

If their immune system is strong, they could be more productive at school.

Since it is a herb safe for kids, your children could take it daily as long as you keep a supply on-hand. 

This will save time and money from doctor visits and expensive flu and cold medicines.

For families who travel often, you may make it a habit to take elderberry syrup everyday so your entire family can be protected from bacterial or viral exposure while away.

My kids love elderberry syrup, not only because they are good for their body, but also it’s delicious!

They often beg for more!

And although elderberry syrup can be purchased anywhere these days, I suggest making your own to save time & money and to have direct access to it.

Check out my post on how to make homemade elderberry syrup.

So the next time your children get infected, consider trying out this natural remedy as your good alternative to expensive pharmaceutical medicines.

oregano oil for kids

2. Oregano Oil

One of my favorite herbs safe for kids is oregano oil because of its amazing properties!

It has similar antibacterial properties as the elderberry syrup, but also has antioxidant properties, so it’s like Vitamin C for your kids!

Oregano oil is an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antiparasitic, and antiviral herb that is effective in reducing symptoms of food poisoning and allergic reactions.

It gained its popularity in 2015 through a published article stating that it is a good antibiotic for both humans and livestock.

There are different types of oil being sold in the market these days, but oregano oil has the broadest and highest anti-fungal properties of them all.

Choosing oregano oil can be a bit tricky and we suggest getting the highest quality, one that has high concentration of carvacrol.

I suggest giving only 1 drop of oregano oil to children as a highly concentrated one could be very strong for them.

cinnamon for use in kids

3. Cinnamon

Though you can use cinnamon to flavor your foods, did you also know that it is a great source for boosting your immune system?

We love it when we incorporate it into our children’s diet!

Not only do our kids enjoy the spice, they also get to harbor its benefits.

One of the benefits that our kids can get from cinnamon is a stronger immune system to protect them from mild to severe bacterial and viral infection.

Especially when your kids are at school or fond of outdoor activities, this herb can be a life saver!

It also has antioxidant properties, so it can remove toxins from their body and a good healing agent for poisoning.

While others may incorporate cinnamon into their kids’ diet to take advantage of its amazing properties, some use it in a form of essential oil, and that is not bad also!

Cinnamon essential oil is just another way of strengthening immunity.

Recently, there are also cinnamon supplements being sold in the market. However, supplements cost more.

chamomile for kids

4. Chamomile

When I think about herbs safe for kids, chamomile always comes to mind.

You might have heard of chamomile as a good medicine for children who are experiencing stomach ache, colic, and crankiness, and this is true!

Chamomile is a relaxant natural remedy that can ease tension and nervousness.

In fact, it is not only being used for kids, but adults too to help relieve anxiety and reduce symptoms of digestive problems.

This can be prepared in different ways, but I prefer to brew it and make a cup of tea for myself.

If you want, you can pour the tea into your ice cube trays, then add those ice cubes to your kids’ smoothies or refreshing drinks.

Doing so can help relieve discomfort and pain from teething, diarrhea and nausea.

As a good relaxant, you can also use it to help your kids settle down before bedtime after a very long day.

You just have to be very careful because although chamomile is a herb safe for kids, some children may be allergic to it.

lemon balm as an herb safe for kids

5. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is one of those herbs safe for kids that can relieve mild anxiety, especially for children diagnosed with ADHD.

It’s often difficult to control our kids from feeling agitated, having stress, or difficulty sleeping.

If you don’t want to feel helpless anymore, just like me, let’s just use lemon balm to relieve them from these symptoms.

Moreover, Lemon balm can help improve children’s concentration!

So it’s good for the brain!

Herbs safe for kids are gaining more attention these days, especially among parents.

So if you want to try these natural remedies, make sure to not forget to check your child’s reaction after introducing it.