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5 Options for Off Grid Internet

Being off grid doesn’t have to mean being out of touch. Here are 5 options for your off grid internet.

Having an internet connection and being “off grid” may sound like a paradox to some.

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Some might think that going off grid means that your connection to the outside world must be sacrificed.

Having internet is not only for luxuries anymore. Having access to the internet can be life-saving.

You can enjoy all the luxuries of the internet to keep you connected to your friends without the need of being connected to the city’s electricity grid!

Whether for accessing important information, calling for help, keeping in touch with friends and family or keeping up to date with social media, there are a few off-the-grid internet options that you can choose from.

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off grid internet options

Off Grid Internet Options

Data Plans

The best way to enjoy your trip to the nearest town is to bring your smart phone and a sim card that supports LTE data.

This is a great option especially when you’re planning to go to a rural location for a few days or months or if traditional internet isn’t available in your area.

You can choose from a limited plan or an unlimited data plan. Both have the ability to give you a fast speed while you are at off-grid locations. While you can have access to the internet, you can also not miss important phone calls.

Gaming and streaming use much data, and can be costly on data usage, so using an unlimited plan can be a good option for online gaming and streaming.

The only thing you will need for this option is a good cell phone signal. Most cellphones have a mobile hotspot so other mobile phones or laptops can connect.

The best thing about having data is that you can use it for emergency situations.

Depending on how off-grid you are though, you may be far away from a cell tower.

However, you can use a cell phone booster. This signal booster or signal amplifier helps boost the weak signal around your area to provide a stronger connection.

With a fast data connection, it could take a long time to load heavy movies or video calls.

Look for the best cell phone service provide to be sure that you are choosing a good service provider that offers plans at affordable prices.

Study the coverage maps of these service providers to know which provider has the best signal around you.

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Off Grid Internet – Satellite Ineternet

The major downside of a data plan is that it is only ideal for those visiting or living in an off grid property with a strong signal for LTE.

For people living in remote locations, finding cell signals can be quite hard.

Phone signals are usually high when near cell towers. The best option for this is to use satellite internet.

This method uses a satellite dish to get a signal, then passes it on to  satellite broadband.

In the United States, there are two main internet service providers for satellite internet—Viasat and HughesNet. Although Elon Musk’s Starlink is in beta testing. Some satellite services also provide WiFi signals.

You can control data usage using an app, so data can be limited and last for a month.

When talking about monthly bills, using satellite internet can be a bit costly, but it serves the purpose well.

Some providers also offer a phone line that comes with a modem, which can be a great help, especially when the property is settled in remote areas.

The only downside to this kind of connection is unstable internet connectivity, especially at night, during peak hours. Just like solar panels, the dish has to have a clear view of the sky to ensure good speed.

There is a good chance for internet speed to be slower on rainy days.

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Ham Radio

Living in very remote places, this type of connection might be useful. Unlike other wireless providers, a ham radio offers a different kind of connection.

This type of connection isn’t ideal for streaming and downloading.

Ham radio could be the best option if you’re only using it to keep connected for the necessary things.

Because this is a reliable option, ham users have made their own kind of internet and called it the Packet Radio.

This is a viable option for off grid living and is a great option in emergency situations. To operate online, a ham station has to have a repeater network.

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Wireless Turbo Hub

Another perfect solution for high speed internet for a tiny house is to use a wireless turbo hub.

Most with an off grid lifestyle find this as their best bet. It makes use of LTE data and turns it into a wifi hotspot with backup batteries.

These use a wireless plan.

This wi-fi hotspot can be used like the usual modem, but there is no need for power lines.

It is a good idea to study the provider or phone company you are planning to invest in before actually using them.

This makes use of an antenna and radio waves. However, these two have to be in the same line of sight to work properly.

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Public Utilities

A great way to find internet off the grid is to find public utilities with free wifi. This is usually found in coffee shops or libraries.

If you live close enough to town and only need access to internet a few days a week or month, this may be the cheapest option for you.

Combine your trips into town for groceries, checking internet and all other appointments so you’re not wasting time or gas.

These are just some of the ways that you can use off grid systems.

Living far away from an electric grid or power grid doesn’t have to be a burden. It’s actually fun!

Making use of solar power with a solar system is a great way to use renewable energy.

It’s healthy, it’s safe, and it’s green. It may take much time to set up an off grid lifestyle, but the results are always great and rewarding.

Having a stable internet connection is very important nowadays. Most people need it to manage their online businesses, have meetings with their workmates, or for students who are having online classes.

Others also need to have an internet connection to be connected to their home, like when accessing security cameras from outside their homes.

The need for an internet connection is important, and it is something that you can have, too, even when you’re living off the grid.