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6 Safe Activities to do With Friends During COVID-19

6 Safe Activities to do With Friends During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed how we interact with friends and family.

Fortunately, there are ways to stay in touch through videos and online group chats.

Although these new socializing methods don’t fit perfectly, you can learn to adjust.

Stay in touch and engage with friends through the following safe activities.

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Engage in real-life virtual activities

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, everything seemed to have come to a standstill.

However, life continues, and by now, there are many creative ways to do things virtually.

Although it isn’t the same as meeting with friends in person, engaging in virtual activities can keep away boredom and loneliness.

Create a schedule with friends to exercise, engage in social media activities like creating reels, start a book club, or meditate together.

You can also have fun girls’ time doing your nails while chatting or trying on fancy clothes.

Go picnicking

Staying indoors without physical interaction can be depressing.

Once in a while, plan for an outdoor picnic with friends where everyone brings their food, drinks, and blankets.

Spend the day together if the weather allows you, and find ways to make the picnic more enjoyable.

Plan for fun outdoor games that will enable you to social distance.

You can do this by shopping online for custom cornhole bags from a trusted vendor, golfing, and playing charades.

Try drive-in concerts and movies

Drive-in concerts and movies are not new, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, they have gained popularity.

Instead of being stuck indoors watching movies alone, attend outdoor concerts or movies in your car.

Invite your friends to come with their vehicles and find spots near each other so you can have fun together.

Remember to bring snacks and make the most of your night.

Hold barbecues, outdoor potlucks, and campfires

If you have a sizeable yard or patio, make use of it by inviting friends to a campfire, outdoor potluck, or barbecue.

Ensure you keep the gathering small so that you can safely maintain social distance.

These activities require less contact as people bring their food and drinks, and for the barbecue, be the only one serving.

Avoid self-service as everyone comes into contact with the same kitchenware like serving spoons, spatulas, and tongs.

Go for walks

Going for a short walk around the block or on the beach is safer than lounging together while watching movies or chatting.

Outside, there is a free flow of air that reduces concentration which can spread the virus fast.

Go for a walk in an isolated place where it’s easy to keep social distance, but ensure it is safe and wear a mask.

On the plus side, walking is an excellent way to stretch your legs and exercise in the company of friends.

Bottom line

COVID-19 changed how people do things.

While it may take time to adjust, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your friends to stay safe.

Find ways to engage with friends without letting your guard down during this period, like going out for picnics, short walks, and drive-in movies or concerts.

Host your own gathering at home by inviting friends for a barbecue, potluck, or games around a campfire.