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6 Things to Look for in a Garden


If you’re looking for a new property and the garden is your top priority, you need to prepare a checklist. Think carefully about how you plan on using your new garden whether it’s for backyard BBQs or growing your own vegetables. A decent yard space will add considerable value to the property, and you might even want to make renovations yourself. Brainstorm your ideas for the perfect garden and discuss these with your realtor so they find the best solution for you. To get you started, here are six things to look for in a garden.

Optimum sunlight exposure

Avid gardeners will know that it’s necessary to organize your garden by following the sun. You need to weigh up the pros and cons of the direction the yard faces. If it’s south-facing this usually means you’ll get more natural sunlight, but north-facing gardens tend to hold more water. It all depends on the types of plants you want to grow in your garden. There are plenty of solutions to the sunlight exposure issue if you’re creative enough, however. You can set up zones according to which part of your yard receives the most light at different times. You can even create your own shade with carefully pruned trees and bushes.

Maintenance needed

Consider the amount of work you are willing to put into your garden. Generally speaking, the bigger the space the more maintenance needed. It also depends on the type of lawn and existing plants. If you don’t see yourself spending hours cutting the grass then perhaps a more modest yard space is better for you. There are plenty of fun things you can do with a small garden. For example, you can create your own mini flower beds using old crates and drawers so that they stay contained. Speak to the previous owners of the property and find out how much maintenance work the garden needed.

Problem plants

Keep your eyes peeled for problem plants and trees. If you see the garden is overrun by invasive plants such as wisteria, ivy, and butterfly bush, then you know you’re going to have to cut these back. It might take time for certain weeds to stop growing and your garden could be a little more work to begin with. Look out for any suspicious-looking trees that might be close to falling. Tree removal is an extra cost you shouldn’t have to pay for if you’ve only just moved in.

Animal access

Whether you either want to animal-proof your yard or welcome wildlife in, animal access is something to look for. If you have pets you’ll also want to make sure the fencing is secure and there aren’t any gaps where they could escape through. Consider what’s on the other side of the fence as well and check out your neighbors. You might not want your dog getting through into their yard. If you like having visiting critters then evaluate how wildlife-friendly the garden is. You can always make touches to it yourself to encourage the eco-system to thrive.

Various uses

When choosing a new home with a garden think carefully about what you’ll mainly use it for. This could be cooking outside, meaning you need to consider things like BBQ smoke affecting the neighbors or the right amount of evening light. If you’re planning on growing your own you need to check the condition of the soil, and also the amount of sunlight and rain. Perhaps you’re planning on constructing a shed, or equipment for your children to play on. Make a list of the various uses you’ll expect to get out of your new garden.

Renovation options

If you want to add value to your new home you might be considering an extension or landscaping options. You can try using a mortgage calculator to find out how much money this would cost you and how much your mortgage payments will be. Renovations help to boost your curb appeal but they can be an expensive affair. You need to factor this into the cost of the entire property and your budget. Think to the long-term and your future plans for the space.

The yard is often the biggest selling feature of any property so remember to choose wisely. Remember to list your priorities beforehand and don’t get swept away by giant gorgeous landscaping you’ll have to maintain. Think about the type of use you really want to get out of your garden, and you’ll find the right one for you.