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7 Days to Better Self-Care and Stress Management

7 Day Self-Care and Stress Management Email Course

Whether you’re running ragged this summer with kids and camps, or facing the upcoming holidays with a sense of dread…don’t worry, you’re not alone! Our modern life means a hectic pace. That’s why it’s so important to come up with a plan to make sure we can handle it all (and maybe actually enjoy it?). That’s why I created this FREE self-care and stress management course!

This course will:

  1. Teach you what stress actually is – and it’s affect on our bodies
  2. How to identify your triggers
  3. Create a health and wellness plan customized specifically for you!

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herbal remedies for stress and self care

Who am I and what do I know about stress management and self-care?

I’ve been through serious trauma, suffered from depression and chronic pain. If you had met me 5 years ago, you would have met a very different person. In the middle of a bitter divorce, I was bankrupt, moved back in with my folks, and was barely getting by. I was failing out of school, working a job I hated, and trying to care for my horse who had injured herself and required treatments every two hours…around the clock.

The stress of it all created a series of stress-related illnesses, as well, just to add insult to injury! (Or injury to insult?)

I HAD to learn how to identify my stress triggers, recognize the subtle, subconscious signs that I was becoming overloaded, and develop coping mechanisms to keep from breaking down.

Now, I work two part time jobs that I commute an hour to each day. I’m the mother of an exhausting (but amazing) toddler, who is as sensitive as his mother, and as stubborn as his father. I am mother to two dogs, thirteen chickens, and am building a homestead from scratch. I’m a blogger, trying to write, and create something beautiful.

The hardest part of all of that? I love every aspect of my life. I want my cake, and I want to eat it, too! So I make sure to put my own health and happiness first, and know how to keep the stress of my daily life at bay. Whats the point of eating your cake if you don’t enjoy it!?

How do I know what’s best for you? I don’t! But you do!

This course will walk you through, step-by-step, to identify what your stress triggers are. Is your job stressful? Your commute? How does your diet or exercise routine affect your stress levels? Is it environmental? We’ll take a holistic look at your day to day life to identify areas where we can identify and minimize your stress.

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Here’s what you’ll get with your 7 day E-Mail course:

Day 1: Intro into what the course will entail, and a message on why it’s so important we take care of ourselves first.

Day 2: A detailed look into what causes stress, and what physiological affects it has on our bodies.

Day 3: How to identify what your stress triggers are.

Day 4: How to develop an individualized self-care and stress management plan.

Day 5: Other lifestyle considerations.

Day 6: What herbs we can use (and how to use them) to support our stress management plan.

Day 7: Conclusion and an opportunity for further education.

Self Care and Stress Management Christmas Present

You’ll get all of this for absolutely nothing! Consider it my Christmas gift to you and your family. We all deserve to live life to it’s fullest, to be present and enjoy every moment. And you can! Sign up below and commit to putting yourself first!

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