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7 Favorite Winter Books About Snow For Kids

Whether you’re homeschooling, or simply reading at home to your little ones, here are 7 of my favorite Winter books about snow for kids.

While we aren’t officially homeschooling our four-year-old, I find it so helpful to have themes to our weeks.

Sometimes we’ll follow “Exploring Nature with Children” for themes, or create a theme around a favorite book, or let our interest lead the themes.

For the first week of January, “Exploring Nature with Children”‘s theme is Winter Weather.

We took that a step further and decided to focus on snow.

Check out our adorable fake snow recipe!

To celebrate, I’ve collected my favorite books about snow to read for this week.

Favorite Winter Books About Snow For Kids

“Crow in the Snow” is an adorable book with an easy rhyming scheme with a predictability that delights young children.

This book lasts the years, as the story, rhyme, and illustrations are attractive to younger children, but it also comes with phonics guide at the back for parents of kids just learning to read.

While the simplicity of these “That’s not my…” books may make them suitable for 1-3 year olds, my 4-5 year old still won’t let us retire these books because he loves them so much.

Babies love the touchy-feely parts of the snowman, toddlers love the repetition and predictably of the story, but these books are great for kids of all ages.

“The Snowy Day” board book is a sweet and delightful board book that follows through the beauty of a snow day. You and your child will enjoy the frost, snowflakes, sleepy squirrels and frozen frogs on this literary journey.

What Is Snow?

Answer your kid’s most pressing snow questions with this beautiful flap book for young children. Over 30 flaps for your little one to open and discover everything they’ve ever wanted to know about snow.

Based on a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen“, this magic painting book has fifteen enchanting black and white drawings. Dip your paintbrush in water, wet the pages, and watch them come alive with color.

While visually appealing, and the perfect support to Winter and snow-themed homeschool curriculums, “The Snow Queen”, written in 1844, is one of Hans Christian Andersen’s most acclaimed stories.

We love these magic painting books because they’re easy to set up, mess-free, and reusable the moment they dry. My kid loves to reveal the magic colors and never seems to get bored of them!

Peek under flaps and through holes to explore the snowiest places on Earth in this little wintry book. Peek under the snow to see polar bear cubs coming out of their den, seals and narwhals in the icy sea, peek behind penguins near the South Pole to meet their fluffy chicks, and peek behind the clouds to see the Northern Lights glowing in the sky.

Perfect for the little princess in your life, this Sticker Dollies story stars Meera, Sophia and Olivia as they’re busily planning their mid-Winter celebration. The Snow Princess from Majestic Isle needs their help finding the Ice Diamond Tiara!