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12 Adorable Baby Chicks That Will Melt Your Heart

Adorable baby chicks are quite possibly the cutest addition to any homestead! Whether you raise them yourself or buy them, baby chick season is the best! Here’s a collection of the more adorable baby chicks photos you’ve ever seen!

Adorable Baby Chicks

several baby pics
Little chicks in a big world

Once they grow up and move into a coop, here are 5 ways to reduce waste in your chicken coop.

close up of a baby chicken in a bowl
These cute little guys are happy to hang out in your salad bowl…

If you’re ready to get your own adorable baby chicks for the first time, check out my post Everything You Need BEFORE You Get Baby Chicks.

large baby chick next to small baby chick

Here’s how we made an A-frame chicken coop for less than $200 in a weekend!

single baby chick

Or check out these 13 ways to reduce your poultry feed bill. Because when you spend less on feed, that means you can get more baby chicks, right?

baby chicken looking at the camera

Wondering why breed of baby chick to buy? Check out my favorite Heritage Breed Baby Chicks For the Homestead.

two fluffy yellow baby chicks

Make sure you know these 35 chicken terms before you get started!

single baby chick for easter time
little yellow chick next to boots

Or build a rain-catchment automatic chicken waterer like we did.

baby duck
baby chick on white sheets
baby chick sleeping in a hand
multi-colored baby chicks in grass

Where can you buy your own baby chicks? Check out Murray McMurray, Cackle Hatchery, Hoover’s Hatchery, or your local Tractor Supply.

A lot of times local poultry enthusiasts will host “swaps” outside of your local Tractor Supply, Southern States, or other Co-op and you can have the opportunity to buy baby chicks and full grown chickens from other owners.

Happy Baby Chick Season!!