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Basil Propagation: How to Propagate Basil From Cuttings

Basil propagation is an easy and rewarding way to divide and grow many more FREE basil plants! In this post we’ll go over exactly how to propagate basil successfully.

how to propagate basil plant from cuttings

Growing Basil

One of the easiest culinary herbs to grow is basil. It can withstand drought, excess water, heat and cold fairly well.

In addition to being pretty hardy and easy to grow, it is also incredibly easy to propagate. Start with one plant and with a little time and patience you can divide that and start many, many more basil plants for free.

Grow an entire forest of basil, sell extra plants for side homestead money, or give them away to friends and family.

I get a little giddy thinking that with propagation and seed saving I can provide free and healthy food for my entire community – a rebellion against our current food and capitalist system.

how to propagate basil from cuttings

In any mature basil plant, you’ll notice there are “nodes” from which new leaves are growing out of the stem.

To make a “cutting” of your basil plant, simply cut the tops of your plant just below a leaf node.

Give yourself at least a 4 inch piece to work with, and only cut it if there are more leaves growing below the node.

Remove the leaves at the node.

propagating basil cuttings from a mature plant

Place your basil cutting in water on a window-still or with some indirect light for two weeks.

Replace the water, keeping nodes covered, every other day.

Once your basil cutting has produced new roots more than two inches in length, they can be transplanted to a pot with soil

Bonus: the original basil plant you took the cutting from will grow thicker and bushier after this pruning, and propagating can be repeated as many times as you like!

basil cuttings propagating in water
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Bonnie V

Thursday 9th of June 2016

I need to do this. I always run into the issue where I either don't have enough basil or some of it mysteriously dies, once again leaving me with not enough basil. LOL I did accidentally propagate some last year when a stem broke off and (without thinking) I stuck the broken stem back into the dirt. By some miracle it survived. I love propagating everything I can.

Thank you for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop.