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Can Chickens Really Fly?

Many of us are familiar with stories of chickens who have managed to achieve brief moments of flight.

But can chickens really fly?

In this blog, we’ll explore the different factors that affect a chicken’s ability to take flight and gain an understanding of whether or not they are capable of sustained flying.

woman throwing a chicken in the air to see if it can fly

Factor Affecting Flight in Chickens

The size, weight and shape of a chicken will greatly influence their ability to fly.

Larger chickens with larger wingspans tend to be able to fly for longer than smaller birds with shorter wingspans; however, all chickens have a limit as to how far and for how long they can fly.

The shape of the wings is also important, as broader wings will provide more lift and allow the chicken to stay in the air longer.

Additionally, chickens need to be strong enough to flap their wings continuously in order to maintain altitude and keep them airborne.

how high can chickens fly

History Of Chicken Flight

Chickens have been around for thousands of years, and during this time, their ability to fly has changed greatly.

In ancient times, chickens had much larger wingspans than today’s breeds, which allowed them to take flight for longer periods of time; however, selective breeding eventually led to smaller birds with shorter wingspan that were not able to sustain flight over long distances or heights.

Despite these changes, chickens are still capable of short bursts of flight when necessary.

baby chicken flying

So, can chickens fly?

The answer is yes!

Depending on the size and shape of the chicken, they are able to take flight for shorter distances and heights; however, their ability is limited as larger wingspans are needed to sustain flight over longer periods of time.

Through selective breeding, many modern breeds of chickens have been bred with smaller wingspans that leave them unable to achieve sustained flights.

In fact, to prevent chickens from hopping your garden fence you can clip the tips of the wings of one wing.

This prevents the chicken from being able to get enough height.

Regardless, it is clear that chickens are still able to take flight in some capacity.