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Health Benefits of Elderberry

With more and more people turning to herbal remedies to treat their family’s ailments, Elderberry syrup is usually the first choice. The gateway “drug” into herbalism. But elderberries go far beyond syrup and pack a powerful healing punch! Having existed as far back as 400 BC, with different varieties of the sambucus tree, this plant, …

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Top 11 Plants to Forage in the Spring

Spring season, especially for homesteader is a wonderful season! After months of cold and dark days, plants begin to emerge and the bounty of Spring is a stark contrast to the scarcity of Winter. While you’re planting your Spring crops in your garden, there are already a long list of plants you can forage in …

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6 Easy Black Walnut Recipes

They call it “the perfect ingredient!” That’s what most foodies, chefs and professional food critics think about these earthy flavor, tangy, fruity, bold and creamy nuts that are perfect for all your savory dessert recipes, salads, entrees and healthy snacks! Coming from the black walnut trees, the fruit comes in two types – the Black …

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