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Easy Ideas To Garden With Children

Gardening with children can be a fun way to spend time together, and start teaching them about where food comes from, nature, and respect for our planet.

Here are some easy ways to get children involved in the garden. 


Grow Vegetables

Fussy eaters might be more tempted into eating their vegetables if they’ve helped to grow it, and you can use the garden to teach your children where food comes from. 

Choose easy-to-grow veggies like sugar snap peas, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, or tomatoes.

Bright colors and sweet flavors will help to keep them interested in growing food with you.

You can pair your home-grown veg with quality foods from Superior Farms and foraging, to really drive the lessons about good food home. 

Pot Colourful Flowers

Give your children a large pot each, and encourage them to decorate it with outdoor paint.

Take the children to the garden center and let them choose flowers to plant in their pot. 

Seasonal flowers will create an instant colorful display so the children can see the results of their choices straight away, which is great for young children who may not have the patience to wait for things to grow. 

Make A Fairy Garden

Choose a sheltered corner of the garden and make a garden together for fairies to come to.

Ask the children to collect pretty things that catch their eye, like stones and fallen flowers to put in the garden.

You could buy small garden decorations at the garden center, or even go to a pet store to buy pieces designed to go in fish tanks, to find small houses, castles, or furniture. 

Add small plants and decorate with what the children collected. Put down stones for paths and use twigs for fences. 

Make Animal Homes

Do something good for nature and teach children about taking care of animals by setting up a bug box.

Lay a plant pot down on its side or use a box with open sides, and send the kids to find things to fill it.

Drill holes in a log for bees.

Add pine cones, leaves, twigs, dried grass, or pieces of broken pots to encourage ladybirds, woodlice, and other insects to set up home. 

Build or buy a hedgehog house to put under a hedge to encourage hedgehogs to move into your garden.

Remember you can put out cat or dog food for hedgehogs, and shouldn’t give them bread or milk like some people think, as this is actually bad for their stomachs. 

Buy a bird table and make putting food out on it your child’s job.

As birds come to use it, you can spend time together looking up what they are, to learn about birds. 

To encourage frogs, make a container pond.

A pond in a shallow container is much safer for children than a full-scale pond.

Find a container that is large, shallow, and has no drainage holes.

Add pond plants, and an oxygenator to keep the water clean.

Find it a place in the shade and wait to see if frogs come.