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Essential Homesteading Supplies

While homesteading is a lot of work, having the right tool can make it easier. These homesteading supplies are essential for every homesteader.

Homesteading is an art. It’s not easy, but it’s satisfying.

homesteading supplies
Our Forever Farm (Dream Homestead)

Shunning modern convenience and doing things the old school way, can be challenging at the start, but this can be a great way to cut bills.

Homesteading takes a lot of hard work, and new homesteaders can run into problems along the way.

You may find that getting used to day-to-day farm activities like growing your own food in your garden, looking after chickens and other animals, making fresh lemon juice for breakfast, or even installing solar panels to run your appliances at home takes time. 

Nonetheless, there are added benefits to it, such as not making trips to the grocery store on a regular basis and saving in your grocery budget.

As homesteading has gained more and more attention in recent years, here are some tips you may need to start your homesteading journey.

First of all, it’s always a good idea to start in the right place: a local store. To start this new journey, take a look at these homesteading supplies and tools you’ll need for various tasks.

Just like I broke this post into homesteading for beginners by areas, I’ve broken this post into supplies you could use for the different areas of your homestead.

homestead kitchen supplies

Homesteading Supplies for the Kitchen

To get your home ready self-sufficiency, you might want to put your kitchen in good shape first. Let’s talk about the things you will need to get for your kitchen.

  • Food Processor

First, because making your own food from scratch can take most of your time, a food processor is a good start.

  • Dehydrator

This tool is a great way to help you preserve food. It can also help you make great snacks at home like fruit leather!

  • Solar Oven

This helps get a lot of different things done.

  •  Pressure cooker

Helps cut time when cooking while getting a stand mixer can help you do something else while you prepare the batter for your recipes.

  • Stand Mixer

With a stand mixer, you can do so much—make homemade pasta, and even homemade ice cream!

  • Meat Grinder

Living in a rural area can make trips to the butcher a hassling thing. This is a good reason why a meat grinder is important.

chicken coop supplies
  • Vacuum Packer

To preserve the food quality of your meals, or freeze meat and other stuff, you might want to get a vacuum packer or sealer. Vacuum packing bags make storing things in the freezer easier.

  • Chest Freezer

To cut the bills, it’s better to use a chest freezer since it uses less energy than an upright freezer does.

  • Water Bath Canner

Storing food with high acidity can be tricky. The best way would be to use a hot water bath canner to enjoy homemade jams and jellies! With an all-American bath canner, you can even make more jams in one batch!

  • Mason Jars & Kitchen Towels

And of course, your kitchen wouldn’t be complete without the ever-useful mason jars and kitchen towels. Mason jars, a canning funnel—plastic or stainless steel, and jar lifters, when used with other canning equipment can make canning and storing liquids like apple cider vinegar easier.

  • French Press

For coffee lovers, keeping a French press is a good way to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, too.

  • Compost Bins

Because the kitchen can get messy and we all expect food to go in the trash, keeping the kitchen compost bins would be a good thing. This is great because the waste that you keep in your kitchen can work magic in your garden!

Homesteading Supplies—Power Tools and Electricity

Another set of supplies you might want to grab for homesteading are the power tools $electricity.

  • Extension Cords

First on this list is the extension cords. You don’t get to enjoy your gadgets that much without them. But, on a serious note, having a few pieces of extension cords at home can be handy especially when working outside.

  • Wood Chisel

Having a wood chisel is handy. This is great to help you trim hard edges or even carve around things.

  • Miter Saw

When talking about woodworks and other crafts involving it, a miter saw could help.

  • Socket Wrench

Another handy item you could keep at home is a socket wrench which helps to deal with bolts easier.

These hand tools are just some of the essential tools you will be needing when living off the grid. You might have a hard time keeping track of all these different items. But, knowing an experienced homesteader could help you familiarize these.

If you live in a little house, then it is a great opportunity to use solar panels to run electricity for your house. A generator works, too.

A good generator that I know of is the Honda Handi 3000w generator. This generator comes in a weight that’s half of most generators on the market. For a light generator, it does its job pretty well!

Homesteading Supplies for the Barn

A few of my favorite activities in homesteading are tending chickens and seeing them lay eggs.

Getting a new chicken coop, placing heat lamps for newly born chicks, and even just getting enough straw bale for the hens—it’s a lot of hard work, indeed, but it all gets you up and enjoying your backyard.

Check out my complete list of things you need before you get baby chicks for a full list. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to buy everything new, you can repurpose things you already have and turn five-gallon buckets into chicken nests for example.

If you’re putting off your plans for homesteading for next year because you don’t know where to find all these items, don’t worry!

There are a lot of places where you can find these homesteading supplies.

You can find different products like homesteading supplies and even building materials in thrift stores like Dollar Tree.

These dollar stores are great places to find the best tools offered at the best prices! Also consider bartering for things you don’t already have.