Fun Activities To Do Around Your Homestead To Keep You Healthy

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According to the findings of a research study by The National Center for Health Statistics, only 30% of Americans are physically active. The study went further and established that the prevalence of obesity among adults aged 20-74 years has increased in the last twenty years. 

In the era of modern living, people appear to have abandoned the culture of leading a healthy lifestyle. The world has become home to so many things that interfere with good health and fitness. Today, people can hardly walk to work while others spend too much time watching TV – attributes which contribute to far less physical work.  

Staying healthy is not all about eating a balanced diet. While the benefits of eating healthy cannot be understated, there’s another side of the coin. If staying healthy is a recipe, activity and fitness are part of the key ingredients. 

As you age, you’ll often be confronted by the need to keep up with your homestead’s workload. Contrary to perception, the homestead’s chores have proved to be the proverbial bee that sucks honey out of the bitterest flower.

Think of anything, such as carrying, hauling, stretching, pushing, or regular lifting. All these activities are the gateway to ongoing health and fitness. 

As such, there are plenty of fun activities you can do around your homestead as you bid to keep yourself healthy. 

Carrying Water With a Bucket 

A gallon of water weighs 8 lbs, so a 5-gallon bucket adds up to 40lbs. Since cleaning is more or less like a daily chore, there are instances when you’ll be required to move water from one point to the other.   

When faced with such a task, perhaps you should consider carrying two half-full pails, one on each side. This balancing act is useful in the symmetry of muscle development. If you make it a habit to carry that much weight, you’ll possibly burn calories and develop muscles. 


It’s always fun to spruce up your homestead. The good thing with gardening is that you’ll end up doing different kinds of exercises, including weight lifting, stretching, moderate cardiovascular workout, to name a few.

In one of its research studies, National Gardening Magazine claims that you can burn as many calories in 45 minutes worth of gardening. Also, the researchers stated that turning compost is akin to lifting weights. 

Besides, gardening has been linked to higher bone density and the prevention of osteoporosis. 


On paper, shoveling is a simple task, but this is not the case when you try it. Pool builders will tell you that shoveling is a full-body workout. It’s more of a strengthening exercise for the rotational muscles. 

Did you know that the Occupational Health and Safety has put in place standards for shoveling? 

If you’re throwing a load using a shovel, the throw height should be approximately 4 feet. For a standard load, the best throw distance should be slightly over 3 feet. 

These simple everyday activities can be the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy lifestyle. Some of the chores around the homestead are more or less similar to the workout you’ll get at your nearest gym. You don’t have to spend more of your bucks in the gym, and all you have to do is keep yourself busy at home.  

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