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Gardening Services You Need This Year

Gardening Services You Need This Year

With the global pandemic still on and forcing people to stay indoors, it’s likely that this year will see another Spring and Summer spent digging the garden and investing in plants and trees that bring it to life.

What could be better than spending the summer in the luxury of a well kept garden. 

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Garden Services

Disposal Services

The trouble is, there is often ground work to be done before the joy of gardening can really start.

This might involve the removal of debris and detritus that has accumulated in your space over time.

Many areas have specific rules about what items can be disposed of at waste sites so it’s a good idea to hire a service for this work.

Garden Maintenance 

A garden is there to be enjoyed. What we love is to plant things, dig in new trees and flowers, and bathe in the sun surrounded by a tidy well kept garden.

We don’t always want the heavy labor of replacing lawns, painting fences, removing weeds, or controlling pests. 

This is why a gardening service is a good idea.

You don’t have to sign up for every service, that would be expensive and unnecessary.

Take a look at what your garden service infers and decide what tasks you would like to do yourself and what ones seem like heavy work. 

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Waste Removal

Gardening is a messy business. Even a short time spent in your garden over the spring and summer months will result in a pile of branches, grasses, weeds, old plants, rubble, and bits of timber.

Not everyone considers this side of gardening when they’re enthusiastically arranging their flower beds, but it’s just as important. 

A waste removal service will help you eliminate the issue of what to do with all that garden waste.

It can be easily organized before or after you work, or periodically, once a week or month.

A waste removal service will ensure the waste is removed and disposed of correctly. 

Fall Clean-up

When it gets to fall your garden may start to look a bit tired. As the season changes you will notice the grass turning browner, as well as the leaves.

The wildlife changes it’s habits causing some plants to die off and falling leaves accumulate everywhere and get stuck in your drains and gutters. 

A fall clean up service will come in and look after your garden during this transitional period.

They will rake up leaves, unclog drains, prepare your lawn for winter and control any weeds that have sprouted up.

In the winter months when your garden is quiet you’ll be glad of this extra effort.

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Pest Control 

Many people assume that pest control is only required in the summer when everything is in full bloom.

It’s an easy assumption to make since summer is the time when most home and garden pests are around.

The reality is that home and garden pests can cause an issue regardless of the season. 

In the summer months you may have some ant and fly infestations, perhaps in the garden, or in the home if you’re unlucky.

In the winter, however, the chances of home infestations by creatures like ants, flies, mice, and rats, increases significantly as they look for warm places to spend the winter.