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Giving Your Garden The Wow Factor Whatever The Weather

If you’re a homeowner, one of the best things you’ll do is invest a lot of time and effort into your garden.

The garden can be a wonderful place for relaxation in the summer, a place for kids to play together, and even a place for pets to roam free.

It can be a space for catching up, having fun, and simply relaxing and enjoying nature.

But how do you give your garden that ‘wow factor’ whatever the weather? Read on for some suggestions! 


Consider Symmetry and Structure 

Symmetry and structure can be used in any garden to give it a wonderful look.

Go for defined flower beds and solid planting. This isn’t to say that wildflower meadow gardens can’t look great, but they are a little harder to pull off and can be messy in comparison.

Structured gardens work well both in winter and summer, and you are going to want plants that are both robust and tough. 

Expect Downtimes In The Garden At First – Especially During Winter and Spring

You should expect downtimes in your garden, at least at first.

Once you know what you’re doing and what looks good in your garden you’ll have a better idea of what will work for you year round.

Plant winter and spring bulbs to help give color through down time.

Consider The Scents and Aromas In Your Garden, Too

Forgetting about scents in your garden would be a huge mistake.

Scented flowers can have a wonderful effect on your senses and make for an even more amazing space where you love to spend time.

Things like honeysuckles, roses and lavenders can be a great addition to any garden.

Remember, anything you plant should be suited to your soil, and you will also need to consider your light levels and how much water you tend to get. 

The Grass Doesn’t Have To Be Greener On The Other Side 

Your grass should look lush and green, but you might find yourself wondering why it’s greener on your neighbor’s side.

Look into artificial turf installation and your grass will look good year round; you won’t need to worry about lackluster patches or anything, and it’s super easy to maintain, even if you have pets. 

Consider Including A Water Feature 

A gentle water feature can add an abundance of tranquility to your outdoor space, creating a backdrop that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day.

A fountain or water spout with a pool surround can have a lot of impact too, especially if you place it near your seating area.

You and your guests will love listening to the sound of the running water as you relax.

It doesn’t matter if you go for classic or contemporary – water features always give the wow factor. 

Hopefully, you now feel inspired to give your own garden the ‘wow’ factor. Which of these tips do you think you’ll use?

Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading and come back soon.