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Green Garden, Green Power?

Your garden is all about sustainability.

You grow plants and flowers in a manner that will make sure they keep coming back year after year.

Or at least, that’s the plan, right? Well, if you have a green garden, why don’t you have green power?

It’s a bit strange to have a garden that is all about clean and green vegetation, without having the power to grow your plants without burning fossil fuels.

Green energy is not something that is going to go away in favor of another fossil fuel.

Many people think that solar power is yet to be fully evolved and there are ways you can get this kind of power without panels.


The traditional way

The traditional way to get green energy for your garden is to use solar panels.

Fitting onto the roof of your shed or greenhouse is quite common.

But if you rely on the sunshine to give your plants the light they need this is not ideal.

You will also only get power for however long the sun is facing your shed. You may not have a good angle for fitting solar panels, despite the fact that you have a large roof.

This is not something that many solar panel companies will tell you.

The sun is not to be convinced by anyone, it will follow its own route.

So if you have a shed that is completely right-on to the sun, then this means only half of your shed will get sunshine. 

Shared solar farms

The alternative to all this hassle is the shared solar farm.

This is something that many families and indeed, renters are finding very useful.

It’s not just good for the environment, but if more people use this type of energy, the more funding the solar industry gets.

This is why have been on the offensive and giving clean solar power to businesses, renters, families and other types of individuals.

They can be the perfect power suppliers of your garden.

They don’t need to fit solar panels at all.

They can just attach you to their power supply from the normal route.

You don’t have to change anything.

You couldn’t tell the difference between this or a fossil fuel because their solar power travels through the same infrastructure.

Power for what?

What could you use power for in your garden then?

You could grow your plants and flowers indoors, during cold weeks.

This is something that you can do in your shed, using specific UV light bulbs that plants will actually absorb.

Another great idea is to have a water feature that is solely powered by solar power.

It can work during the day for free. 

There are lots of good things to say about solar power, but it has to done right.

Fitting panels is ok but it’s not ideal anymore.

Getting solar power from solar power farms is the new wave that is coursing through the country.