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Growing Your Own This Year? Top Tips To Get You Started

Growing your own food provides bounty over bounty. The joy of exercise outside, the satisfaction of watching something grow, the money saved at the grocery store, and the pleasure of eating home-grown food.

As we start a new year we often think about the things we have loved in the last twelve months, and the things we would like to improve upon.

The last year especially has seen more people appreciate their gardens.

Most of us set some form of goals or resolutions on new year’s eve, and many have a focus on a healthy lifestyle or changing diets.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables in a great way to have more control on what you eat, and as we want to and need to spend more time at home, this year could be the year you give it a go.

But how do you get started? Here are some tips that could help. 

growing your own food

Image Source – Pixabay – cco license

Growing Your Own Food – Location, Location, Location

One of the first decisions to make is where you want to start growing any vegetables or fruit.

Have you got an outside space?

This could be a garden, a patio or even a balcony if that is all you have.

You may find that you need to spend time preparing your space.

So perhaps having a tree service in to remove big trees to let light in or cleaning any rubbish or debris away to give you a clear space.

The perception is that you need a huge garden, but this isn’t the case at all.

If you do want to utilize a garden, then think about an area that could be useful, you could even add a greenhouse to help keep some of the plants safe from the weather.

Using things like protective sheets can make it safe for children, if they are still using the outdoor space.

However, small areas like patios or balconies can still be utilized with pots or planters.

You could consider growing things like tomatoes, or strawberries, and certainly could have an array of homegrown herbs. 

how to grow your own food

Start With Some of the Basics

If you are wanting to start growing your own then make sure you start off with some of the simpler produce or things to grow.

Things like herbs are easier to maintain and having a good selection of them available to you can enhance many meals and side dishes.

Other ones to consider would be salad leaves such as lettuce or chard.

They tend to grow quickly, and they harvest continually so you can always have a good selection available to you.

Spring onions and radishes are another homegrown favorite, as well as the potato.

Which is a kitchen staple. Peas, broad beans, onions and tomatoes are also easily grown and adaptable.

Knowing that you have such an array of options available to you, it’s easy to see why so many people consider doing this.

It can save you money on some of those basic principles of family favorite dishes you probably cook up every week. 

grow your own food

Appreciate That This is a Long Process

Finally, try and remember that growing things can be a long process.

Sure some of the salad leaves options can be sprouting up leaves in a matter of weeks when the seeds are sown at the right time, but other things like potatoes and tomatoes can take a little more time to create.

Don’t get disheartened, approach this as a hobby and you will soon be reaping the rewards of your very own crop. 

Let’s hope that this has offered some inspiration to consider growing your own vegetables and fruit this year.