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18 All-Natural DIY Cleaning Products

These all-natural, DIY cleaning products will help you keep toxic chemicals out of your house and reduce your family’s exposure.

Reading things like Skinny Bitch, watching videos such as The Toxic Baby and  Robyn O’Brien on TEDtalks and thinking about all of the chemicals we’re exposed to nowadays that our grandparents never knew is one of the reasons we homestead.

glass bottles full of DIY cleaning products

By living in the country, surrounded by fresh air, growing our own foods, we can systematically remove noxious chemicals from our lives.

So I’m making moves, now, to replace all of my beauty products (like my fluoride-free organic toothpaste) with organic, or at least natural products, and replace all of my cleaning supplies with natural alternatives. Off to the store we went to buy the necessary ingredients.

I bought white duct tape to cover the markings and logos on my spray bottles (you could easily use the spray bottles for cleaning agents you already have) and labeled them with a sharpie. I created three different cleaning agents: one for dusting, one for all-purpose cleaning and one for windows. See below for the recipes:

a clean, minimalist kitchen with homemade cleaning supplies

All Natural DIY Cleaning Products


I doubled this recipe to fill my entire spray bottle. I suppose the olive oil helps repel dust and condition furniture. Shake before using.

DIY Natural cleaning product – All Purpose

I use this as a generic all-purpose, hard-surface cleaner but it can also be used on carpet! First sprinkle corn starch on carpet stains, let sit for 20  minutes. Vacuum it up and then spray with this all-purpose cleaner and blot. I was amazed at the results!

Window cleaner

Some of these may take a little time to get used to. They’re not as caustic as the chemical ones so it may take a little extra elbow grease to accomplish the same thing, but spending a little elbow grease is good for the biceps!

Creating your own homemade, natural cleaning supplies is inexpensive, insanely simple, and gives you a peace of mind you can’t buy off of a shelf.

In addition to the three basic ones I use above, and my homemade DIY laundry detergent, I’ve gathered some of my favorite other cleaning product recipes:

DIY Cleaning Products

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