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How To Freshen Up Your Garden Without Spending Lots of Money

How To Freshen Up Your Garden Without Spending Lots of Money

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Gardens are a wonderful haven of tranquility which enable you to escape the everyday stresses of your work and home life. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space then you certainly want to try and make the most of it, particularly if you have been working from home throughout most of 2020 and continue to do so. 

It is very soothing to escape the interior of your home and feel as though you are in a calm, tranquil environment surrounded by lots of lovely fragrant flowers and greenery, which you do not even have to travel far for. 

Clean Up Your Plant Pots  

A simple but effective way to brighten up your plant pots is to hose them down with water, to get rid of any dirt and excess dead leaves. If you find that some of them are looking really worse for wear, then just replace them. They are not overly expensive and it will look much neater and tidier if your plant pots are glistening. 

A Splash of Water Can Make a Big Difference

Simple things like hosing down your decking areas or pathways can really make a difference without having to spend any cash as it transforms a tied and looking area to a clean and tidy one, where you can appreciate the natural colour of the material. 

Mow The Lawn

Long overgrown grass is certainly a sign of a garden turning into more of a wild jungle. Maintaining this area of your garden will keep it looking fresh and tidy. It is also healthy for the grass for it to be mowed so it can encourage new growth which will be healthier and greener. It will also enable you to tackle those persistent pesky weeds. 

Addition of Twinkly Lights

A great way to brighten up your garden is with some outdoor lighting which can be both pretty and practical. They are particularly useful for safety of course so you can see where you are walking in the dark, it is great for entertaining as you can remain sitting in the garden with your friends or family long after the sunlight hours have passed. It can also highlight a particular area of your garden if you want to accentuate its feature, such as a water fountain or decking area. 

Add New Flowers and Plants

Simply creating a new flower bed patch in your garden with the addition of new colourful flowers or evergreen plants will instantly uplift your garden if it is looking a bit tired. You will feel as though you have a new garden already without doing too much. Certainly get rid of any old dead plants that are not growing anymore. You would be able to tell by checking for new growth by inspecting the roots. If they are still firm and not soft or breakable when you touch them, then the plant is still alive. 

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