How To Maintain Healthy Habits During Lockdown

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It can be quite a challenge to stick to a healthy routine when you are stuck at home each day during lockdown and all you want to do is reach for the fridge door and find yourself something comforting to eat. Whilst you should allow yourself to eat what you want, it can soon pile on the pounds when you are eating more than exercising each day. So it is worth being mindful about what you eat at times. 

Understanding The Different Food Groups

Completely eliminating one group or trying to starve yourself is not a healthy approach to eating. All food groups are important to have, it is how much of each food group you consume that is important. So for example eliminating all forms of carbohydrates is not ideal as you need to eat starchy foods like potatoes, bread, cereals and pasta as they provide energy and a range of nutrients including iron, calcium, fibre and B vitamins.

Manage Portion Controls

If you’re eating small meals throughout the day you should hopefully not feel the need to gorge on a huge dinner in the evening, where it might take your body longer to digest before sleep. The bigger plate you have, the more likely you are to fill it up. So if you have a tendency to overfill your plate then perhaps it might be useful to use a slighter size to serve your dinner on. 

Air Frying Foods As Opposed to Frying

Using an air fryer is a more healthy way to cook various meals, particularly when you want to watch what you eat. There are some delicious and easy to prepare recipes which you can utilize your air fryer for. Instead of frying tater tots, which may be more tasty, why not try air fryer tater tots as an alternative which can be cooked in as quickly as 10 minutes. Other food you could air fry include chicken wings, fries, meatballs, rice donuts and many more. 

Eating Little and Often

It is ideal to get into the habit of having smaller meals throughout the day to maintain sugar levels and hunger at a steady rate. It is far better for your stomach and digestive system to cope with smaller meals compared to having just one large meal at the end of the day. 

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Less Distractions Whilst Eating

Surrounded by lots of distractions at home is probably quite normal, but to enjoy and digest your food in a healthier manner you want to try and have as few distractions round you as possible, so for example staring at your smartphone or being glued to the tv. Studies have shown that if you focus on the plate of food in front of you and take the time to eat and enjoy it, you are less likely to have the urge to binge eat later on as your brain will recognize that you are fully satisfied.

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