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Landscape Design, It’s Time To Improve Your Outdoor Space!

Photo: Unsplash

A beautiful garden landscape is vital for any home (or business!).

That is why many people opt for landscape design so a professional can undertake the work.

However, it is also important that you too have ideas in mind and a creative eye – after all you know what you really want!

So here are some additional tips to adhere to long after your design has been implemented. 

Requirements for patio furniture

The use of the terrace throughout the year places great demands on outdoor furniture.

The terrace furniture must be able to both protect and resist UV rays and bad weather.

The furniture must therefore above all be multifunctional in order to ensure protection in all weathers.

Water-repellent parasols and patio furniture made from water-repellent or quick-drying materials keep you dry in short showers.

Preferably refrain from materials that get extremely hot or tend to discolor in the sun.

If you close access to the outdoor space in winter, consider folding chairs and tables which are ideal because they take up little space and are easy to store.

Choose light materials just in case the furniture has to be moved. 

Some tips for a successful landscaping

Certain tips can help you to perfectly organize your garden space and thus allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Depending on your concept and your clientele, it is possible to integrate various distinctive elements.

  • Create a warm atmosphere with lighting: Lighting is also an integral part of the design of your outdoor space and can make all the difference. In summer and in winter, depending on the light used, you can create a warm atmosphere and your guests can enjoy your terrace for longer. In addition, an attractive atmosphere can add home value! A lamp, candle holders and trendy lanterns enhance your outdoor space.
  • Plants: Do not hesitate to place plants on your terrace: they are pleasant, aesthetic and bring freshness. Large plants can also serve as visual protection, to delimit your outdoor space and give privacy from your neighbours. 
  • Outdoor rugs and cushions: Add outdoor rugs to create a cozy atmosphere. Combined with decorative cushions, they will create a warm atmosphere in which your guests will feel at ease. It can also hide unsteady terrain, poor grass and more.

Checklist for setting up your terrace

  • Is the chosen furniture easy to maintain, solid, weatherproof, versatile, stackable and easy to move?
  • Is there a harmony between your interior space and your exterior space?
  • Does the layout suit your menu: a table large enough for a relaxed meal, a comfortable lounge area to enjoy cocktails, etc.?
  • Have you chosen and arranged the furniture in such a way as to be able to create different spaces to provide a diversified and friendly atmosphere?
  • Have you thought about protections against the wind and the sun adapted to the needs and the place?
  • Have you thought of practical outdoor accessories, such as anti-theft devices for tables and chairs or protective covers for parasols?