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Practical Patio Ideas

Practical Patio Ideas

A patio can be an excellent addition to any garden, both as a pretty outdoor space, and a practical part of your home.

Use the patio as an extra space for relaxing, entertaining, and hobbies. Here are some ideas to make a patio that is as practical as it is pretty. 

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Your patio can be a good spot for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

This is especially useful if your patio leads off the kitchen, as you won’t have far to take your produce when it’s ready.

Pots filled with herbs will smell good, look attractive, and grow something you can add to your cooking.

Lots of fruits and vegetables grow well in pots too, such as chillis.

Growing something edible is the perfect mix of practical and pretty. 


If you have a small home, your patio can be a great way to add more space to entertain guests.

Depending on the kind of entertaining you like to do, you can furnish the patio to help.

Put out an outdoor table and chairs for dinner parties, build an outdoor bar for drinks evenings, or buy an outdoor sofa for coffees with friends.

Keep it all protected from the elements with aluminum patio cover kits

If you’re going to be using the patio for entertaining in the evenings, think about how you will keep everyone warm.

Even in the summer, the evenings can get chilly. Patio heaters, fire pits, or even an outdoor fireplace could do the trick.

Invest in a weatherproof storage box and load it up with blankets that guests can pull out if they need to. 


Turn your patio into a haven of relaxation.

If your home is always busy, the patio can be a quiet place to retire to for a moment of alone time.

To do this, think about how you can make it feel secluded.

Fence panels or trellises covered in plants can hide you from view of the house or overlooking neighbors.

If you want shade, try a pergola or a large patio umbrella. 

To really up the relaxation factor, plant up some pots with plants that have soothing scents, like lavender.

Lots of people love the sound of running water and find it incredibly relaxing, so a water feature could also work well on your patio.

All you need to do now is unroll your yoga mat and you’re ready to go. 

A patio can be a very flexible space, especially if you get a bit creative with your planting and your furniture.

If you have a large garden, you could even have more than patio space to serve different spaces.

For example, attach a patio to the kitchen to use as a dining space, then put in a walkway to a second patio at the back of the garden that could function as a living area with comfy sofas.

Your imagination is the only limit, for making relaxing patios that are still practical for your life.