Spring Jobs To Get Your Garden Summer Ready

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Spring has finally sprung, the days are brighter and the sun is shining.

You’re already planning those summer days of being able to sit out and enjoy the surrounding and beauty that summer embodies. 

That being said, when you look around your garden now you, it isn’t quite summer ready.

So to help you find the motivation and provide some pointers on the jobs you’ll want to review to get your garden in top shape and prepared for those glorious days. 

Painting And Freshening Up

After the winter months, your garden furniture, fencing or decking will probably be in need of some love.

The first thing you need to do is to invest the time to firstly clean away any dirt and debris.

On a dry day a stiff brush will do wonders in clearing away any cobwebs and exposing the woodwork and it’s condition. 

Once cleaned down you can now consider repainting or staining.

Depending upon the level of wear that has occurred over winter you may need to give the wood a light sanding down before reapplying any new colouring or stain.

It is also worth taking the time to make sure the paint or stain you use is going to last the elements.

No one wants to have to repaint more than once a year. 

Lawn Care

Time to dig out the lawn mower and gardening gloves.

After months of being neglected you’ll possibly find that your lawn is in need of some care to bring the grass back to that luscious thick greenery that was there last year. 

To help this out, give it a mow, but keep it on a high setting so that you don’t take it too short straight away.

You can work down to a shorter length gradually if that is your preference.

Once you’ve evened the lawn out you’ll be able to see a lot more clearly what you are working with.

If there are patches of mud with little grass sprouting, now is the time to spread those grass seeds so by summer it is all even.

When doing any lawn care it is worth following doing it properly.

To get the best results you’ll most likely need to use your garden fork and drain the ground before laying the seeds. 

Make It Comfortable 

Now that you’ve made the decision to start in the garden it is also time to review what furnishing you have and how comfortable your space will be to sit in over the next few months. 

Your existing furniture now you have spruced it up, maybe perfect and just in need of a new soft furnishing, however you may like adding to the garden yearly and changing the dynamics with the ever garden.

If this is the case it is important to consider your theme.

If you’re looking for something more rustic looking you may consider hay bales as an alternative to standard seating or to cordon off part of the garden to make a separate zone for children or pets. 

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