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Foraging For Shiso (Japanese Basil)

Foraging for Shiso (or Perilla, or beefsteak plant, or Japanese Basil) is easy and fun! Shiso, in the mint family, is easy to identify, delicious, and has spread to grow in the wild. It is often used in Japan as seasoning, in salads, for pickling, or wrapped around sashimi. I discovered Shiso in typical homesteading …

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8 Medicinal Benefits of Garlic

Chances are you’re very familiar with one of the world’s most ancient medicines: garlic. When dealing with a number of common minor ailments at home, garlic can be a truly powerful herbal remedy. Let’s talk about the medicinal benefits of garlic! Garlic is one of the most researched medicinal herb out there: Check out Pub Med’s …

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