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The Best Garden Potting Bench for Under $200

Whether you’re new to gardening, or a pro, this best garden bench is a must-have – and it’s less than $200!

We finished building our green house last year, so this year we’re focusing on setting up the inside for maximum use.

Looking around I found the perfect bench from Best Choice Products and thought there’s no way this bench was that affordable! It’s been the best garden bench we could possibly buy.

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Best Garden Bench Features

This garden bench has an expandable table-top that expands your work surface for filling many seed trays at once. Both sides of the top slide out to the sides, leaving room for a removable sink in the middle – perfect for housing your compost or soil as you start your seeds.

These also came with wheels, but as our greenhouse has a gravel floor we decided to leave these off. However, if you’re keeping your bench on your patio, for example, the wheels may come in handy, and the bench could even double as a food prep area for outdoor cooking.

It has two levels of shelves, perfect for storing seed packets, gloves, trowels, etc.

It’s also been pre-stained for outdoor use and low maintenance and will protect it against the elements.

The bottom rack, as well, is perfect for storing seed starting trays, bags of compost or pots that are currently not in use.

Putting Together Your Potting Bench

I was really nervous with the large instruction manual, all the parts and hardware that it came with, but the instructions were very easy to follow. It definitely helps to have a friend help you put it together, but not totally necessary.

I do recommend only tightening the nuts and bolts to finger-tightness, as we had to adjust the way some of the pieces lined up at the end so that it could all come together.

Total though, it only took us about 30 leisurely minutes to put together and was really quite easy. The instructions are incredibly well done.

All-in-all, this potting bench is the best addition to our garden and greenhouse and will last for years to come!

To buy one for yourself, check out Best Choice Products. I’ve even partnered with them to get you 5% off all of their gardening supplies with the coupon code: HILLS5 Check them out!