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Want To Be A Homestead Hero? Start Your Journey Here

Homesteading isn’t for everyone.

A lot of people start out well, then end up falling back into old habits.

Others find it just doesn’t fit in with their own lifestyle, while so go half and half.

Self sufficiency means something different for each person who practices it and that’s totally fine.

If you’ve bought a homestead on land right in the sticks it might be a necessity, while if you’re closer to civilization it might be a choice.

Try not to benchmark what you’re doing against anyone else.

Do what you’re comfortable with and take it from there.

With that said, here are some tips to help your journey be a success.

Outdoor Workspace

Finding a good place to work is pretty important.

If you’re planning on raising animals, growing crops, creating woodwork etc. it’s good to be able to have a dedicated space.

It might be that you look for patio contractors to build out a nice area to work from or maybe you’d be happy with a greenhouse.

Sometimes a work table is all you need, while on the other hand it might be a case of creating good foundations for sheds and storage areas.

Settling on the workspace is really important to focus on in the start because otherwise you won’t have an area to work.


Gear Up With The Right Equipment

Especially if you don’t live near any large style tool stores. It’s better to have items instead of going without, so stock up on the key items.

Even if you don’t think you’d need them they can become handy.

A universal digital torque wrench for your mechanical needs, both vehicular and anything else, top quality screwdrivers and screws, a saw, a hammer, drill, the list goes on. It’s important you have the right item to tackle each problem properly.

Otherwise you could end up messing your project up or indeed hurting yourself.

Especially if your using power tools.

Even if you don’t think like there will be much to do, you can guarantee you’ll come up against various projects and as a budding homesteader you’ll want to, at least in the first instance, tackle them yourself.


The health of yourself and your family is one of the most important things you need to bear in mind when homesteading.

If you’re out away from the nearest hospital or doctors surgery you’re going to have to take certain precautions.

It means stocking things a normal home wouldn’t have.

Managing normal issues is important too, it might be easing muscle pain with a pulse gun massager or making sure you’ve stocked up on your insulin if you’re diabetic so you can never run short.

Keeping the medicine cabinet fully stocked in one thing, but also ensure you’ve got a high quality first aid kit including the usual bandages, wipes, slings etc.

Health and safety means a lot too.

If you’re developing land yourself, and you’re on your own, make sure people know what you’re doing so that if they don’t hear from you, they know something’s wrong.

Health as a homesteader is just about thinking things through a little more and having that awareness.